Dear affiliates,

here is Thomas Valet, Communication Manager of the company Karatbars International. Today I have very important news for you.

For a few days now, scammers have spread out various pages of false information, counterfeit business plans, and irrelevant statements about Karatbars International on popular social media channels. We gave these web pages to our lawyers and the websites are gradually being removed. Consequently, the attack is not only against Karatbars but also against all affiliates. This is an attempt to harm your computer with this virus. Now you realize that these people are not concerned with truth, but with destruction.

Our job is to protect you.

Please note carefully: Read only original emails with the extension @ karatbars.com. Karatbars will never send an email with a link. Please ignore emails that contain a link, if you are unsure please contact our support (copy and paste) support@karatbars.com

Under no circumstances click on a link, forward emails with link immediately to our support, so that we can take action if necessary. Please also note that Karatbars would never offer support via a link in social media channels.  Thank you for your attention, I wish you every success!

Kind regards,

Thomas Valet

Communication Manager


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